When you might be on Instagram just a little much…

So my favorites include:

  1. Gregory Michael – a Dante’s Cove favorite
  2. Tom Daley – UK Diver
  3. Ashley Parker Angel – former OTown boyband member
  4. Colton Haynes – Actor, Arrow
  5. Steve Grand – openly gay country singer
  6. Harry Louis – former adult film star
  7. Daniel MillerUnderwear Expert
  8. RJ Aguiar – YouTube star
  9. Davey Wavey – YouTube star
  10. Max Emerson – YouTube star

#s 1 & 3 aren’t gay but that’s not why I follow them.  Honestly they are all really hot men and most all of them have posted something with a little more than a shirt off.  Gregory Michael I first saw on Dante’s Cove which is a really hot television show that lasted three years with lots of hot barely clothed men.  Tom Daley caught my eye when he made a video about coming out and then even more when he got engaged to Dustin Black.  The speedos from the Rio Olympics looked amazing on him.  Ashley Parker Angel recently, considering his boyband years, has become a really hot man.  He’s working out a lot to work on his recent endeavors and once and a while he gives his Instagram followers a no clothes tease.  Colton Haynes just recently came out but he was famous for doing teen mag XY gay kiss photospread.  Also his work in Arrow helped him become more relevant to me and his pictures, not always with his shirt off, are pretty interesting.  Miss Piggy for Halloween?  Steve Grand caught my eye ever since All American Boy.  I think there’s always that straight boy any gay man wishes was there’s.  He posts a lot pushing his music career but always will remember the ad he posted for a t-shirt that placed him backwards from jeans to shower.

Sure who hasn’t seen something adult film star related in one way or another.  There’s always Tumblr for something.  No longer an adult star he now sells underwear which is what you can normally find him in.  Then you have Daniel Miller the underwear expert or at least that’s his YouTube site.  Hot guys showing off their undies?  Who wouldn’t like that?  Plus his Instagram has him in his undies and he’s not bad to look at.  Shep689 is one of the many gay couple YouTube vlogs that I watch  and RJ definitely caught my eye.  He speaks his mind which makes his own channel interesting to watch and while showing what it’s like to be in a gay couple he also shows the heat where I’ve seen several shirtless pictures on his Instagram.  Davey Wavey is hard to put in words.  The man that hates to wear clothes and says so in his vlogs.  He’s brought on lots of hot men including other YouTubers and gay adult film stars.  The one YouTube vlog you can count on to not include a shirt.  Max Emerson is also known for wearing next to nothing to get interest in his projects.  He’s posed in underwear and even naked to get his project funded.  Not to say it’s bad.  Men are men and technically gay men will give money to see men wearing little to nothing.  Same thing same way as the straight world.

Similar to this post.  Me basically saying oh hey I’m on Instagram and I’m scrolling for hot guys.  There’s travel, cats, dogs, funny stuff, and men.  Lots and lots of men who know hey if I take my shirt off I’ll get more followers.  And we follow.  So here’s the hottest men I found on Instagram in no particular order.  There’s more plenty more but for right now this is my list.


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