Gay Music Videos – The Early Years

So when I was younger it was harder to find gay themed music videos that it generally is now.  It may not be the best today but I’d say about ten years ago it was even worse.  I went searching for some of these videos and they just seem to get buried away with all the new stuff coming out like artists Todrick Hall and RuPaul’s Drag Race stars.  Just wanted to do another post of my top 10 artists that usually don’t get too much of the spotlight anymore.

LOGO TV used to show music videos of upcoming gay artists.  Nowadays if you can even find it I find it tends to be popular artists stuff and not the purely LGBT kind, Lady Gaga.

People like Jonny McGovern and Cazwell tend to be a little racy for television given that most of the time it was men wearing no shirt or less and sometimes in a compromising situation.  Colton Ford, a former porn star, for example liked using his body to sell music videos having tried singing after a film came out Naked Fame.  The documentary was about him switching from the adult industry into his singing career.  That’s not to say other gay male singers haven’t used their bodies to sell music but at the least for the three mentioned above it’s why I constantly revisited them.

Stand alone artists that I ran by sometimes were on YouTube but mostly from the NewNowNext on Logo.  Artists like Ari Gold, Brian Kent, Yehonathan, Guy B, The Ones, Roman, Jason & deMarco, and Josh Zuckerman.  Mister Chase and Kelly aka Liam Kyle Sullivan were found on YouTube and I can’t recall how.  Maybe and a gay music video search.

Here’s a list in no particular order of artists that aren’t always in the spotlight anymore:

  1. Jonny McGovern – Soccer PracticeSomethin’ for the FellasSexy Nerd
  2. Liam Kyle Sullivan – ShoesText Message BreakupMuffins
  3. Mister Chase – WomanizerWonderfulStay
  4. Cazwell – Ice Cream TruckNo Selfie Control – Dance Like You Got Good Credit
  5. Brian Kent – Breathe Life – Watcha Doin’ To Me – I’m Not Crazy
  6. Colton Ford – That’s Me – Losing My Religion (R.E.M.)
  7. Yehonathan – Just Another Summer – My Turn
  8. Guy B – Co-Exist
  9. The Ones – When We Get Together
  10. Roman – Again (Otra Vez)
  11. Ari Gold – Wave of You
  12. Jason & deMarco – This Is Love
  13. Josh Zuckerman – Got Love?

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