Done with vacation it’s late but in the mood for a little Man Crush Monday and it’s Wednesday so it’s kinda MCM meets hump day?

So I was in Australia for like 3 weeks and sick before that so I didn’t feel like writing once this year.  Gonna try to change that.

While I was gone I was basically away from internet, on a cruise ship, unless I was in a major city.  Instagram was my go to on the slower speeds, for some reason it worked.  So in my free time a.k.a waiting on my family to do stuff, I checked out hot guys.

At times some of them didn’t include a lot of clothing and were as naked as Instagram would allow.  Towels can be pretty appealing such as with Karl Drexel or Danilo Borgato via Desnudo Magazine. Then you’ve got the guy who’s wearing little to nothing when he’s on the beach. Breno Freire.

Being in as little as possible is hot! Of course it is especially when in animate objects are used so that its Instagram worthy and appealing to the eyes. Adam Jakubowski and his balloon. Got the time? Rick Twombley does. Of a duo and they are a hot couple. It’s not all about nudity though. I admire a guy who’s fit and in a reasonable pair of shorts like Pedro Gonzalez. Drifting back to less clothing and we come to Steven Dehler a hot model that just celebrated his birthday. A man not afraid to show a little skin whether just for fun or modeling.

Unfortunately I just missed Sydney’s Mardis Gras. Ended up being in Brisbane with no means to travel to it. Saw some stuff on the tv and Instagram. Steve Grand was in Sydney when same time I was there but I missed him. Not a piece of meat but he sure shows a lot of skin. He’s all for pride hanging out with the guys or a drag queen and he got to check out one of my fav sites the Sydney Opera House. Guys with Australian accents are so hot. Funny enough I didn’t get into this guys pics for his voice. Tattoos can be a kind of turn on. I guess I searched for ’em way back when and found this guy, Tro. He’s Australian! A flexible guy wearing little to nothing at all. Another Australian, Barrett Pall, is quite attractive in his red white and blues. Moving away from where they are from I got more interested in one of the two after seeing this pic. Liked watching Brent Corrigan in films like Judas kiss and I know they do other stuff but aside from that I like watching two hot guys kiss.

The VIP of the week being Jess Vill. Usually only wearing one piece of clothing, or less. Camera always catching a lot of that hot male perfection.  So that’s it for this week’s MCM slash Wednesday Hump Day.


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