Man Crush Monday – April 24th 2017 Edition

Sporadic but keeping up with my Man Crush Mondays as best I can. Today it’s Monday! Spring’s in the air and not that it’s stopped these guys but of course more clothes come off when the air gets warmer.

Nick from Andrew Christian is marketing himself real well. After gay pride in Miami and hanging out in Florida he’s shown a lot of skin on his Instagram. I’d say he’s most likely number one on this week’s list of things I scroll through on Instagram.

🍌 @andrewchristianintl #actrophyboy #teamnick #andrewchristian

A post shared by Nick Masc (@nickmasc) on

Karl is always a fav for me. Not quite the most popular of models on Instagram but always posting shirtless pictures. Recently he’s posted two pictures without clothes one being a repost.

My favorite O-Town boyband member. He’s worked out a lot since those days and he’s absolutely beautiful.


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